Oil-Fired Water Heater Service in Southern Berkshire County

Think about it—your hot water heater is the one and only heating appliance you rely on year-round to keep your Southern Berkshire County home safe and comfortable. You need hot water for a variety of different applications, such as showering, bathing, dishwashing, laundry, and more.

Reliable Hot Water Service in Southern Berkshire County

At Kimball Fuel, we provide reliable hot water heater service and repairs for your oil-fired water heaters. If you need an efficiency tune-up, a cleaning, safety check, repair, or other service work performed, we’ve got you covered. Simply contact us online or by phone to request service for your oil-fired hot water heater today.


24/7 Emergency Water Heater Service

Keep in mind that we at Kimball Fuel take your safety seriously. We offer on-call hot water heater emergency service if you need it. Simply give us a call and let us know what’s going on. We’ll be glad to send a qualified service technician to get your hot water heater back up and running in a jiffy.


Reliable MA Home Comfort Services under One Roof

Our techs are highly trained to deliver quality home comfort services to you, our valued Massachusetts customer. Along with water heater service, we provide equipment care for your home heating system as well. We have everything it takes to keep your home as safe and warm as can be, all winter long.