Oil Heating Equipment Service in Southern Berkshire County, Massachusetts

Winters in Massachusetts are no joke—and most of us expect our heating systems to keep us warm from October through April. That’s more than half the year of constant home heating! Contact Kimball Fuel for all your oil heating equipment service needs—we have the expertise and the low price tag to keep you and your home heating system happy throughout the seasons.


Annual Efficiency Tune-Ups for all Heating Systems

We perform repairs and maintenance that extend the life of your boilers, burners, and furnaces. When your burner, boiler, or furnace is cleaned and tuned for maximum performance, you save money on heating fuel oil and repairs alike. We recommend an annual cleaning (best practice in the heating industry) to make sure your heating equipment performs optimally.

If you’d like the opportunity to save on your heating tune-up, schedule it during the spring or summer! We offer “spring cleaning” discounts to save you money.

Expert Repairs on Boilers, Furnaces & Burners

If your furnace, boiler, or burner isn’t working like it should, or breaks down completely, you know who to call. Kimball Fuel employs a team of highly trained HVAC experts that can assist you with all your heating system repair needs.


24/7 Emergency Service

If you have a heating system emergency, don’t panic! We offer 24/7 service to keep your home safe and warm in the dead of winter. Please remember to give us a call if you need emergency heating service—it’s the fastest way to reach our on-call technicians.