High-Efficiency Oil Heat Equipment Installations in Southern Berkshire County, MA

Are you due for an oil heating equipment upgrade in your Southern Berkshire County, MA home? If you’re noticing a lack of fuel oil efficiency or frequent heating system breakdowns, chances are you’re due for a replacement system. At Kimball Fuel, you can trust our installation experts with your new home heating equipment. They’ll ensure that your home stays comfortable during the winter months with a new, reliable, high-efficiency heating system.


Tried-and-True Brands We Install, Service, and Recommend

Boiler Heating Systems

We recommend and install only the best brands of high-efficiency boilers (forced hot water systems) that are efficient, long lasting, and cost effective for our customers. We are proud to install top-of-the-line boilers from Buderus™, Smith™, and Burnham™.

Burner Installations & Maintenance

We are also proud to install and maintain Riello™, Beckett™, and Carlin™ burners. These systems have been tested year after year and continually uphold the high standard of home comfort that we provide to every customer of Kimball Fuel.

Expert Furnace Recommendations

After years in the industry, our experts recommend Thermo Pride™ hot air furnaces for your home.


When to Upgrade Your Massachusetts Home Heating System

If you notice any of the symptoms below, upgrading your home heating system to a new, high-efficiency model could save you up to 30% annually on heating fuel and service repairs.

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Strange Noises or Smells

We all expect to hear some noises now and again from our heaters. But if you start to hear out-of-the-ordinary humming or clunking coming from your heating system, it could be time for a replacement. This also goes for abnormal odors.

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Uneven Home Heating

Do some rooms in your home feel overheated, while some feel way too chilly? If your thermostat reads regularly and you’re experiencing uneven heating, it’s likely that your furnace or boiler is starting to decline.

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Increasing Energy Bills

Newer heating technology has allowed modern systems to be much more energy efficient, reducing the amount of heating oil it takes to produce the same amount of satisfying heat. If you’re noticing higher heating bills over the years, your heating system may be due for an upgrade.

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Increased Repair Frequency

Older heating systems break down more often, resulting in increased repair expenses and service calls. If you’re maintaining your heating equipment and still experiencing frequent no-heat situations, contact us for an upgrade.

Ready to schedule your upgrade or get a free quote on a new home heating system? Call your local home heating and fuel delivery experts at Kimball Fuel today!