Proactive Oil Tank Replacement: The TankSure® Program

Massachusetts Fuel Oil Tank Replacement Coverage

Have you ever stressed about the expense of a replacement oil tank? The TankSure® Program is an excellent option for homeowners like you. For a small annual fee, you’ll get hundreds of dollars in coverage when the time comes to proactively replace your Massachusetts heating oil storage tank.


Why Replace Tanks Proactively?

The alternative to proactive oil tank replacement is the expensive and costly remediation of an oil tank leak in your basement or on your property. Either one can cause tens of thousands of dollars to clean up, making the TankSure Program the perfect alternative which will also give you peace of mind.

How Do You Identify Tanks for Replacement?

Our technicians will ultrasonically and visually test your home heating oil storage tank for its thickness and integrity, determining its remaining lifespan. The valuable oil tank replacement program enables us to evaluate the safety of your home heating oil storage tank, helping protect your family and the investment you’ve made in your home. At the time of your annual heating oil equipment tune-up inspection, our qualified HVAC service technicians will use ultrasonic testing technology to evaluate the thickness of your tank.

Since fuel oil tanks typically corrode from the inside, even strong-looking tanks may be wearing dangerously thin. The annual ultrasonic testing process is designed to help replace your fuel oil storage tank before it leaks.


Non-Qualifying Oil Tanks

We consider it important to remind our customers that not every heating oil storage tank will qualify for TankSure tank replacement coverage. In this case, Kimball Fuel will still grant you $200 in oil tank replacement coverage to help contribute toward a new oil tank upgrade.

One recommendation we make to all our customers is to upgrade underground oil storage tanks to aboveground models, which are easier to visually and ultrasonically inspect. For assistance with this important upgrade, please contact our experts.