Automatic Heating Oil & Propane Delivery in Southern Berkshire County, MA

At Kimball Fuel, we want to make fuel oil and propane delivery in Southern Berkshire County easy for you! You can enroll in automatic home heating oil or propane gas delivery by contacting us. The best part? Automatic fuel delivery is available to you at no extra charge!


Benefits of Automatic Oil & Propane Delivery in Southern Berkshire County

Some people prefer to constantly monitor their own fuel tank, but if you’d like to let us handle your storage tank levels, automatic delivery would be perfect for you. Signing up for automatic delivery offers the following benefits:

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Reduced Risk of an Empty Fuel Oil or Propane Tank

You may think that as long as your fuel tank doesn’t completely run out, your home will stay protected. But did you know that the longer your tank is low on fuel, the more condensation and corrosion can eat away at the metal? Auto delivery will protect your fuel storage tank for years.

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Total Peace of Mind

If you had the choice, you would always give your family the best of two options. Do the same with your propane and heating oil orders! Automatic delivery is more dependable than will-call orders and will give you unmatched peace of mind when it comes to home comfort and safety.

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Ultimate Convenience: No Need to Constantly Monitor Your Tank

You may not mind checking your fuel oil or propane tank levels, but imagine crossing it off your to-do list forever. You have other things to think about. Let us handle your heating fuel deliveries so you can pay more attention to more important things, like your family.

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No Need to Pay Emergency Refill & Priming Fees

Will-call delivery may seem nice until a huge winter storm or company over the holidays results in a fuel runout. While we are available 24/7, you may incur fees for emergency trips and HVAC system priming. Auto delivery will take that risk off the table and help you save more on total home comfort.

What are you waiting for? Contact us to enroll in automatic fuel delivery today!